Class Action Suits

Class Action Attorney in Sonoma County

While many acts of negligence result in only one victim, other forms of improper conduct cause harm to many people. In these situations, a class action lawsuit can be brought against the business or individual that caused the damage.

At the Law Office of Joshua Katz we are able to handle class actions of all sizes, from a handful to thousands. If you believe you or a loved one has been impacted by an act of negligence that may have also harmed others, we are ready to help get full and fair compensation for everyone involved.

We can handle all types of class action cases

Our lawyers have experience in handling class action lawsuits. We can challenge big businesses, landlords and apartment management companies, insurance companies and any other opponents. The opposition does not intimidate our team because we know how to develop cases with the strength to go to trial.

We can handle cases involving physical harm, financial damage, public safety issues and more. Our team handles all class actions, including:

  • Defective products: We peruse cases for those who have been harmed by defective toys, dangerous factory machinery, defective pharmaceuticals and any other defective or poorly designed products.
  • Labor code violations: We represent employees in class action lawsuits against employers that violate labor law provisions, such as wage and hour claims.
  • Financial misconduct: Our team stands up to companies that commit breach of fiduciary duty to their investors through insider trading or other fraudulent actions.
  • Public safety violations: We peruse restaurants and food producers who negligently cause food poisoning or other illness or injury due to negligent health and safety practices.

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Our lawyers handle all class actions on a contingency basis. That means you pay nothing unless we recover compensation for you.

Our team of lawyers represents people in personal injury, wrongful death, financial misconduct and other class actions in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County and throughout Northern California.